Q. Who participates in crowdsourcing campaigns?

A. Depending on the platform and the work that is asked of the creators, profiles vary.

Innovation Crowds:

Who: Mostly university educated, full time employed males and females between the age of 23 and 48 with full geographical dispersion (C.Daren, 2015). 

Design Crowds:

Who: Mostly freelancers and young thriving design school students mixed in with retired design professionals who want to keep their creative juices flowing. 

Q. How are creators motivated?

A. We could go into Maslow's hierarchy of needs here, but let us cut to the chase. There are mainly five incentives that make creators participate.

$$$ "have money in your head but not in your heart"

Learning "portfolio building for personal design career & CV" 

Inspiration "creators get to see the design work of other creators"

Fun "working on cool projects with other creators from around the world" 

Community participation "recognition from others through rankings"

Q. How does the crowd get compensated?

A. The compensation of the creators varies from platform to platform but we have set our own code of conduct in order to...

  1. Pay the creators fairly

  2. Protect our clients reputation

  3. Protect our own reputation