CGI or Real?

In the following article, we would like to tell you about the world of CGI (computer generated imagery) with the focus on e-commerce.


How we get the customer to buy your product? No one can answer this question to a 100%.
We can just try to optimize the process. On of the main impacts on the decision are the pack-shots. What does that mean for the product owner? With more products and variations, we have to take more pack-shots.

When we think of product-pack-shots, we think of a photographer, a studio, lighting, camera, post-edit and an all in all very costly procedure. As soon as one wants to publish any variation of the product, one has to start the process all over again.

How can we produce masses of product images without masses of effort. All of this in the same (or even better) quality and easy editable?

The technology which has been used in the Film industry for ages - just think of Jurassic Park, Avatar or Toy story. CGI is nowadays still more expensive to create than real images. On the long run on the other hand you can save a lot on every adaption/ change. If we start to work with 3D models, we just need to design the product once. Afterwards, we can just add more color varieties by adding the texture in the program, which is way faster than booking a photographer. We can also use the created model to make social media adaptions just by using the computer. You can bring your product to New York, Hong Kong, London and so on with just a few clicks. The possibilities are huge.

If you think, that real photography is still better than CGI - just take the test below. I scored 40% - which is even worse than random clicking… Just try it yourself!

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