Evolution of Influencing - programmatic

The dream of most people is, to lay back and let others do the work for them. If we look back in the past, we had to spend huge budgets on the creation and publishing of advertisements with a poor conversion rate. Following were influencers with millions of followers whose trustworthiness vanished nearly as fast as it appeared.

The next step in evolution, according to Marketing Land, is micro influencing or UGC (user generated content). We can lay back and let the customers do the marketing departments work. Programmatic marketing or the need for more and more customized input leads to a high demand of content. Heavy consumers scrolls around 2 kilometers on their smartphone per day. That’s about 40% of our average walking distance. We see thousands of posts every day.

The creation of a thumb stopper, wich lets us pause for a second and really examine the content should be our goal. To create this, we need perfect suited content.

Coca Cola recognized and used this trend years ago with their campaign “Share a Coke”. Because of customers sharing photos of their named cokes on social media the brand awareness rose. The sales in the United States increased by more than 2%. That is even more impressive, if we consider, that the sales were decreasing for more than a century before the campaign was initiated.

A great example as well, is GoPro. The action camera company uses the content of thousands of their users to create impressive advertising spots. They get their users to do so, by letting them participate in a contest to submit their material, where the best submissions share the price. Also, they sponsor a lot of smaller sport stars which show their GoPro videos on their own social media channels. That makes them, in our opinion, one of the best cases for UGC.

One example created by UGC:


What this tells us, is that we are much more likely to stop our thumb on a friends post and engage with it, than with a post sneaked into our feed by payed advertisements or huge influencers telling us how great the product is.

It reduces the costs and work in the marketing departments enormously if we skip expensive photo shootings and editing and directly get our customers to promote us and send us content. According to “Marketing Land” the interaction on UGC is 10 times higher than the industry benchmark.

Cheap and Fast.. there has to be a hook..

And yes, there is. As UGC is often missing a CTA they can drive traffic to your brand and rise the awareness. But, content created by creatives for the brand is mostly focusing the product more. We think a smart combination of UGC and professional content, to get visitors to be customers is the perfect solution.

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