Videos are great and here are the reasons why…



is the factor, the click-rate is multiplied with, when using a video on a landing site. Humans eyes attract to movement. That is, why our attention is caught from the video, not the static post.


times increased shares on social media comparing video to an image/text combination. One minute of a video can transport around 1.8 million words. Our brains are just better in processing moving images than written words.


% increased organic traffic on websites using video content. Google loves pages containing videos. Using them improves your sites SEO. When people share a video of your website, it creates an inbound link. Those help your sites SEO dramatically.


% of a videos message gets retained by viewers compared to written content (10%). Do you know the feeling, when reading an entire page of a book without knowing, what you just read? This does not happen with videos. You can even remember videos you watched for a longer time. That means, you can improve your brand recognition by using video content on your channels.


% of consumers say, that watching a video about a product, makes it more likely for them to buy it. Obviously, you cant just use any video. It has to tackle your customers pain-points, be interesting to view and easy to understand.