We were looking forward to the Crowdsourcing Week 2018, since we attended the last one in Lulea, Sweden. Last Friday, the day had finally come. One week of learning from thought leaders, connecting with serial entrepreneurs from around the globe tingled our senses and inspired great ideas for the next year.

USA – Germany…

That most of the developed countries are better at implementing technological advancements than Germany, is well known. In the States for example, Crowdsourcing is already a big topic of conversation and companies are using it in any imaginable way. In Germany, we hope to be part of enabling companies with the creativity of the many. We met lots of interesting, young and ambitious people from all over the world who are enablers rather than observers.

Beside all the new contacts, the inputs and the sightseeing we loved the short presentation style of the keynote speakers. They dealt with the science and economics of Crowdsourcing and how decentralization effects pretty much any part of the global technology value chain. We had a lot to talk about on our flight back home and are planning to adapt some ideas into our business.

The three key points, we took home are:

1. Horizon State will revolutionize the way we vote in the future. A form of “Direct democracy” is coming our way! Go Switzerland!

2. At NASA, Crowdsourcing is HUGE: One example includes their NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) which has leveraged the public since 2010 to solve 300+ challenges (94% success rate) resulting in savings of $29M (on average $245k)

3. Edelman projects that the number of freelancers will surpass non-freelancers by 2027 (based on US data): This suggests retaining or capturing top talent in the organization will continue to be increasingly difficult. Crowdsourcing solutions can be one possible route to combat the shift of where the talent pool will be.

Summed up, we gained loads of new knowledge and are looking forward to the next CSW. We will keep you up to date. If you want to get more impressions of the CSW check out our Instagram or look at #CSWGlobal18.