Q. How do you deal with brand protection? 

A. There are two main ways to crowdsource without exposing client details in order to protect your brand. 

1. Describing the brand without naming it. " A globally operating FMCG company wants to expand its product line and would like your creative input to figure out.."

2. NDA's. If you would like the creators to sign NDA's before starting the crowdsourcing process we will take care of that. 

Q. Who secures IP rights? 

A. We do. The only contract partner that you have is Collective Brain and we make sure that the IP rights issue is taken care of. We buy the rights from the creators and contractually transfer them from our legal entity to yours.

Q. What kind of client inputs are required?

This depends on the project but generally speaking we need to provide the creators with some basic working material in the form of research questions, ideas, drawings, short video clips, moodboards etc. in order to guide them into the right direction. 

Q. How long does a common project take?

A.  The length of our process depends on the innovation and design solution you seek. Here are some examples on what to expect:

  • 1 week e.g. banners, GIFs, posters

  • 2 weeks e.g. global brainstorming

  • 3-4 weeks e.g. video productions