Tailored Content



Collective Brain enables corporations to use Crowdsourcing. Through analyzing the Crowds ecosystem we are able to find the right experts for your challenge. We can find creators with a scientific background to create content for your research facility or implement complex financial facts in your new info graphic. The benefit of Crowdsourcing is also the shear number of results that you receive. Because of the volume, we are always able to find the right solution for you.



As soon as we identified your challenge, we will find the right Crowd for your need. From OOH Banners, GIFs, Live Action Videos, Social Media Videos, Explainer-Videos over to Logos, etc.

An other advantage of the Crowdsourcing process, next to the global input and thus diversity is the high speed and small prices as a result of the global market as well as the high quality of the results through the competition created between the designers.