Mass Production



As a consequence of our technological progress, customers have multiple touch points with brands throughout the day. This happens both off- and online which entails that customers communicate with brands whenever and wherever they want. This trend is on the rise and demands a continuous content flow on all marketing channels to keep customers engaged.


Media networks are the gate keepers of above mentioned touch points. Through Collective Brain there is an opportunity to offer, creative services to their clients in high volume. Collective Brain organizes Crowdsourcing processes as a power production house to source content fast and efficiently. This gives our clients the opportunity to vertically integrate and capture larger parts of the value chain. By offering Media and Creative services they are able to enter new market segments like SMEs.



We organize on optimize the process of Crowdsourcing to enable our clients to scale their marketing content procurement. Different Crowds all over the world provide us with constant volume and production ability. We also enable SMEs to bypass the entry barriers in the market of content marketing and use Media networks to promote their product with Crowdsourced content.